Family Safe Track

The F.S.T.S. system will allow you to track locations of your loved ones’ vehicles. This system also documents driving habits which includes speeding and other dangerous vehicular maneuvers which could result in death or serious bodily injury. Parents, guardians, or caregivers will receive an automatic alert via text message and e-mail informing them of what event has occurred. Perimeters can be established that will alert the parent or guardian if this vehicle is in an “off limits” location or driven in an aggressive manner.

For approximately 83 cents per day, DCT can provide the “Family Safe Tracking System."

Compliance with state driving laws could help lower insurance rates and limit potential liability, especially among younger drivers & give you that peace of mind that everyone is safe.

This system operates discretely and out of sight and anywhere in the continental United States and other countries. This system is a web based and mobile friendly program which can be accessed using any internet connection. The system will document and report locations and movements on 30 second or one minute intervals.

Fleet Tracking

Our approach to fleet management is a lot different than most. Our system works for the business owner with only a few vehicles or the owner with many. Our concept is to keep it simple, but give you the information you need to manage and improve your business. Our ultimate goal at DCT GPS Tracking is to not cost you a dime. We’re here to make you money! Every customer who goes on one of our fleet management systems not only pays for their investment inside of 30,60 or 90 days, but they continue saving money every month thereafter.

Whether your company has 1 vehicle or 1500, our state-of-the-art, easy to use Fleet Management System can help your business protect against liability claims, improve efficiency and save money! Increase driver’s productivity & accountability, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction by knowing your vehicle locations, routes, start/stop times, speeds, and more. Eliminate excessive idling and lower fuel costs.

Receive Instant Alerts (if desired) to your Cell Phone, Email or both for events such as speeding, perimeter violations, ignition on/off, excessive idle or park time, high RPM’s, fast starts, hard braking, more. Get quick links that open maps to your Alert’s location. Create Alerts quickly and easily in our online Web Tracking Portal for your entire account or for each vehicle individually. Our system is highly customizable to your fleet management needs.

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